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Preventing Your Child From Falling Victim To The Word Gap: Choose The Right Preschool

When you are living on a limited budget, it can take a toll not only on you but also on your young children. Whether you realize it or not, your constant worries about money, the multiple jobs you work to support your family, and the like can (in some ways) leave your child at a disadvantage known as the word gap. This may seem disconcerting to you, but there are things that you can do to prevent your child from being negatively affected by this issue. All you need to do is learn what problems can arise and how to address them at an early age. 

What Is The Word Gap And Why Does It Matter?

The “word gap” is a phenomenon that was discovered in the 1990s and demonstrates that by the time children of low-income homes reach preschool age (3) they have heard 30 million fewer words in their lives than their peers from higher-income homes. This can and does affect children academically and even socially. 

Children who start out their lives at a word gap disadvantage have been shown to be more likely to struggle in school, have social and behavioral problems, and be more likely to earn lower incomes themselves. However, this does not mean that this will happen to your children, and there are ways to combat this phenomenon.

What Can You Do To Prevent The Word Gap From Affecting Your Child?

When you are struggling to make ends meet, you often rely on child care providers to give your child the primary care they need. As such, your choice of child care service provider must be made carefully.

Before your child reaches preschool age, be sure that the day care provider you choose is trained in early childhood education. They will need to provide your child with an environment that is nurturing and linguistically rich. Be sure that they read to and with children and give them the attention and intellectual stimulation they need.

How Do You Choose The Right Preschool?

If your child is already preschool-aged, you may fear that it is too late to make a difference. However, this is not the case. By selecting the right preschool child care service for your child, you can eliminate any negative effects the word gap may have had on your child. 

Make sure you choose a preschool that is accredited and that the head teachers at all levels are college educated. Surprisingly, many preschool teachers did not attend or finish college, making it difficult for them to properly teach speech and language skills at the proper developmental level.

Choosing preschools such as Montessori schools or the Wooden Shoe Pre-School & Pre-Kindergarten with rigorous, hands-on academic programs designed to be developmentally appropriate will help your child to overcome any early disadvantages and excel through preschool and beyond. Make sure you check on teacher credentials and the curriculum of any preschool you choose for your child.

As you can see, the struggles you endue in your life can spill over to affect your child in their early years. However, there are ways to help eliminate and reverse such issues. Make sure that the day care provider and preschool programs you select can accomplish this goal and get your child started off on the right foot.  

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