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4 Reasons You Should Learn To Play Guitar

Guitars are popular instruments that are all over the media. Almost every band features at least one guitarist, and many more people play guitar as a hobby. If you’ve ever thought about taking guitar lessons, there’s no time like the present to start. Here are four reasons you should learn to play guitar:

1. Exercise your brain.

It’s often said that classical music is good for brain development. However, a study from Northwestern University showed that making music is more beneficial to the brain than simply listening to music. According to studies, active involvement with music aids in “neurophysiological distinction,” which can improve language skills and promote learning.

2. Play the kind of music you like.

Guitars are wonderfully versatile instruments, and learning to play guitar can help you play the kind of music that you like. Whether you’re into classical music, punk rock, or folk tunes, guitar can be adapted for all styles. Play along to your favorite songs or write some of your own. Once you learn the basics, you can try experimenting with many kinds of music for hours of beautiful sounds.

3. Meet new friends.

Playing guitar is a great way to meet new friends. Guitar lessons give you the chance to interact with other people who are also learning something new in a safe and supportive environment. Guitars are also highly portable! Once you’re able to play on your own, you can take your guitar along with you anywhere. Practicing can be more fun in a park or on a beach, and you’ll get the opportunity to have great conversations if people ask you about your guitar.

4. Develop an inexpensive hobby.

Some hobbies can be expensive, but playing guitar is a frugal and fun way to spend your time. Guitar lessons are an initial investment that pay for themselves in years of future musical enjoyment. Although some other equipment can be nice, all you really need is the guitar itself! You can talk with a shop like Welch Music to find a guitar that fits in your budget. And making your own music is cheaper than going out to a concert or buying music albums. Plus, you get the added satisfaction of perfecting a unique and valuable skill.

Learning to play an instrument can greatly improve your life. It’s good for your mind, body, and your wallet. Guitars are popular instruments that are easy to learn and simple to maintain. Hopefully these four reasons give you the motivation to pick up a guitar and start learning today.

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