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Parallel Parking Tips To Help You Master The Skill

Driver’s ed classes are meant to prepare you for passing the road test and keeping you safe while driving on the roads. One of the most difficult elements of the road test is the parallel parking portion of the test. This is one skill that many drivers with years of experience still struggle with if they don’t live in a city setting that doesn’t require much use of the skill. Below, you will find a few tips that can help you get through the parallel parking portion of your road test with a passing score.

Use Reference Points

Reference points are elements that can help you judge exactly where your car is on the road and with regards to the car that you are trying to park behind.

Reference Point 1 – The reference points are the front bumper of the car you are parking behind and the middle of the passenger side window of your vehicle. This point is used to line up your vehicle alongside the parked vehicle before you begin backing into the parking spot.

Reference Point 2 – The reference points are the rear bumpers of both vehicles lined up. This is easy to judge if you are parking behind a vehicle that is the same size as your vehicle, but a bit more challenging if they are of difference sizes. In that case, sit up with your back straight and look over your shoulder out the back of your car to see if the two rear bumpers are close to aligning.

Reference Point 3 — This reference point is the triangle formed in your side view mirror. As you begin to reverse into the parking space with your wheels cut, watch your mirror. Continue backing into the space until you see a triangle form – the sides of the triangle should be the bottom of the mirror, the curb and the side of your car. When this appears, it is time to cut the wheels the other direction and begin straightening out in the space.


Keep your cool. It is easy to become flustered when you don’t get things to line up perfectly the first time. This is a skill that does take practice to master, so continue practicing until you get the feel for parallel parking. You may want a friend or family member to stand on the curb and help you maneuver a few times until you get a feel for your car’s dimensions.

Use slow movements. Don’t rush through each step of parallel parking. Rushing will cause you to hit another car or bump the curb.

Be on alert for passing motorists and pedestrians. Even during the road exam, you should continue to monitor your surroundings to avoid a failing score.

Even with the auto-park feature built into many new cars these days, you must know how to parallel park in order to pass your road test. Hopefully, the tips here can help you master the skill with little stress and anxiety. Talk with Dollar Driving School for more tips and driver’s ed class information.

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