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3 Awesome Sensory Toys For Avid Clothes Chewers

Kids with sensory integration disorder frequently seek stimulation by chewing their sleeves, collars and other clothing components. The constant chewing action leaves clothing soaking wet, pulled out of shape and full of holes. Even worse, chewing on clothing, especially zippers and other metal pieces, can wreak havoc on your child’s teeth. Luckily, you can pick up a wide range of specially designed sensory toys to redirect chewing.

Teething Rings

Even after a full set of baby teeth grow in, your younger kids can continue using durable teething rings for oral stimulation. Make sure the teething rings feature thick plastic materials that have a little bit of give. As with all oral sensory toys, always inspect the teething apparatus for damage before handing it over to your child. If you notice frequent breaks in the outer layer of material, or as adult teeth start to grow in, you may need to upgrade to a more durable chewing device.

Rubber Jewelry

Specially designed rubber jewelry mimics the shape and style of bracelets, rings and necklaces your child can comfortably wear. This sensory tool is easily concealed for kids who are embarrassed about their need to chew. The rubber materials come in a wide range of densities to give each child just the right amount of bite resistance. Instruct your child to let you know if the jewelry starts to rip or break off in pieces over time. If that happens, it may be time for a replacement.

Pencil Toppers

If your child struggles with the urge to chew while focusing in school, a pencil topper might be the best bet. Oral sensory tools in the pencil topper form also come in different densities to create just the right bite sensation for each child. The designs are made in various thicknesses to soothe chewers who have varied bite needs. Since many kids chew on the end of their pencil or eraser in school, these toppers are nearly unnoticeable to classmates.

Finding A Suitable Solution

You must keep sensory toys for chewing on hand at all times, or your kid will swiftly go back to gnawing on clothing. The chewing action soothes the mind and body, so it is more of a compulsion rather than deliberate action. If you keep oral sensory toys at home, school and in the car, your child will always have access to this vital comfort item. These sensory tools are designed to withstand constant chewing, but it is wise to buy in pairs to have a backup in case one ends up damaged or just gets lost.