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Three Tips To Keep Calm And Collected While Working At A Daycare

Running a daycare is anything but paradise. Watching a room full of children at different ages and stages in their lives will be challenging at times. Little children are curious and are only just beginning to learn about boundaries for what is acceptable and what is not. Because you’re human, the daily stress of watching small children will get to you, and that is completely normal. Before you lose your cool with a room full of children, try the list of tips below to keep from yelling and to maintain a calm and collected demeanor.


It may sound simple enough, but many people forget to breathe when they are under stressful situations. Holding your breath when you are frustrated causes your blood pressure to rise, which will leave you feeling more anxious and overwhelmed. When the stimulation of noise from various little ones starts to get to you, take a few moments to breathe. Turn around and close your eyes for ten seconds and start to inhale and exhale deeply. Not only will this release happy endorphins into your brain, it will also give you a moment to think and reevaluate the current situation. When you are able to properly evaluate the situation, you will be able to more calmly communicate.

Address A Specific Behavior

When children start to act up, it is very easy to simply tell them to stop. However, very rarely does a child understand what they are supposed to be stopping. Toddlers especially don’t quite know what is appropriate behavior and what isn’t. If you have a child who is yelling, address that behavior specifically. This will keep you from yelling because it is giving you a specific goal to focus on. Instead of feeling as though you need to address various issues, you will be able to focus on one so you aren’t as overwhelmed. Once you have a specific goal, you will seek a specific outcome. Being able to address a specific issue will also give you and the child one-on-one time to communicate what specific behavior isn’t acceptable.

Be Firm, Not Mean

It is important for you to remember that children often shut down when an adult yells or is mean. There are ways to get your point across in a more productive manner. When you are addressing a child who seems to be having difficulty, use a firm but understanding tone. Let them know that you mean business without proving dominance over them. A kind but firm tone of voice will not only make the child more prone to listen to what you are saying, but it will also help ease their frustration because they will feel understood.

Running a daycare is stressful and overwhelming at times. Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated at times is completely normal. Before you get to the boiling point, use the tips offered above. They will help you remain calm while communicating effectively with your children.

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