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Potential Benefits Of An Online RN To BSN Program

Registered nurses who go the extra mile and complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree will have access to more jobs and higher pay, as some jobs are only available to nurses that have this higher degree of education. However, it isn’t always possible for nurses to complete a traditional BSN program. Their schedule or current location may make this unfeasible. There is another alternative, though — an online RN to BSN program. This type of program has a number of advantages.

More Flexibility

People who take part in online RN to BSN programs can take advantage of the increased flexibility usually offered by these programs. In most cases, class work can be completed when it fits into the student’s schedule as long as it’s completed by the due date. This means there’s no need to be at a computer or in a class at a set hour, making it possible for people who do shift work to still participate in a degree program. Also, people from all around the country, or in some cases all around the world, can participate in their program of choice without having to move to be near the school.

Potentially Greater Networking Opportunities

Because people attending an online RN to BSN program are studying along with people from all different areas of the country, they will gain contacts and potential networking opportunities in a larger number of places. In traditional programs, many of the students are from the local area, which limits the networking opportunities mostly to that area.

Greater Opportunities for Promotion

Even in cases where gaining a BSN doesn’t immediately increase salary levels, it’s likely to improve a nurse’s situation over time. Having a BSN may make it more likely that the nurse will be considered for a promotion or future salary increase. This doesn’t mean that a BSN is just for people who want to move into management positions, however. This degree can be helpful for improving the knowledge, skills and confidence of any nurse.

Potential Considerations

Look for high-quality online programs that meet the benchmarks of organizations, such as the National Education Association and the American Distance Education Consortium. Also, consider whether an online program suits your learning style. For example, are you comfortable not having a lot of actual face-to-face interaction with other people involved with the program, are you motivated enough to do the work on your own, and are you okay with the fact that these programs tend to be very writing-intensive?

Keep these things in mind and contact online schools, such as Ameritech College of Health Care, directly for more information and options.