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Career Paths You Can Take As A Certified Welder

If you are looking to make a career change or take your current career to the next level, becoming certified as a welder could be one of your best choices. Welding educational courses are designed to suit everyone, from the novice who has no experience to the skilled welder who only needs professional certification. Plus obtaining your welder’s certification is something you can do that does not take a whole lot of your time. Once you have the correct training under your belt and a certification to prove your knowledge, you may be able to step into the following career fields. 

Find a rewarding career in the shipbuilding industry. 

The shipbuilding industry is in constant need of certified welders to help with construction processes. If you have a love for the sea and a knack for construction, this is one position that will bring you many rewards. Not only will most of your days be spent in a shipyard near water, you will learn a great deal about ships and maritime regulations in the process. You could even get lucky and land a career as an on-board maintenance welder on a cruise ship, which means your workdays will be spent primarily on the water and you will get to see many new places.

Enjoy seeing the world as a pipe line welder.

If you enjoy traveling and have an infatuation with remote places, becoming a pipeline welder could be one of the best career moves you ever make. When pipelines are being installed for the natural gas industry, the companies performing the work bring along with them a crew of professional welders. Pipelines are commonly installed throughout regions in Alaska or Canada, and being on the team of welders for these companies will mean all-expense paid trips to some of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Get in the action in the racecar world as a racing industry welder. 

You probably already know that NASCAR racers have a pit crew, but you probably had no idea that a certified welder is also usually one of the pit crew members. Racers often employ professional welders who travel along with them to races and help them with repairs once a race is over. As a racing industry welder, you will be responsible for making welded repairs on the fly during races when the car needs attention and your input will be highly valued during rebuilds and repairs.

For more information on where a welding education could take you, contact companies like Careers Institute of America.